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Glen Allen is a beautiful area with amenities that suit various residents and their families. The summers here are pleasant, tame, and provide ample opportunity for fun, even if you’re here on a visit. In addition, there are nature trails, youth sports, classic dining, cultural dining, and easy access to shopping. We care about this community and are happy to give back to those who live here! When railway services began in this area, a settlement developed and was given the name Glen Allen after a homestead owner who resided there. Over time a hotel was built near the railroad tracks, and the town has remained part of this historic area for years. The government erected a Department of Conservation and Historic Resources in 1985 to preserve everything that has happened in time. It’s a fine area that has grown from where it once was and blossomed into what we see today!
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What does Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service do for my property?

Lawn Maintenance

Your landscape needs constant care and attention to keep it healthy, thriving, and looking beautiful. If you don’t put in the effort necessary, it won’t look the way you want. Regular maintenance includes mowing, trimming, edging, and tending to shrubs and small trees. Preventing these from becoming overgrown also prevents your lawn from growing unevenly and areas from getting disproportionate amounts of sunlight and water!

Lawn Care

Keeping your lawn trimmed and manicured is a wonderful way to keep it in check – but it’s not all that’s needed to keep it growing properly. Your landscape needs detailed, in-depth care that targets struggling areas. Lawn care includes the routine of aeration and overseeding your grass. These tactics keep the soil healthy and allow roots to spread, so your grass will grow thicker and easier than before!

Landscape Installation

Landscaping is a fantastic way to upgrade the value of your home, boost curb appeal, and entice you to spend more time on the outside of your home instead of only the inside. Plant installation, mulch application, changing out old mulch, and other aspects of the landscape process will completely transform your home. This process is also a good way to show off your style to friends and family!

Seasonal Cleanups

Cleaning up your lawn can mean a handful of things: cleaning up organic debris, getting rid of dead plants, and putting away lawn furniture and equipment sitting on the grass. Seasonal cleanups can happen anytime throughout the year, but some seasons need these services done more often. Fall is the most popular time of year to perform seasonal cleanups, and it’s important to remember they may need to be done multiple times a season!
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service offers delightful lawn maintenance, lawn care, and seasonal cleanups in Glen Allen, VA. Our crew is skilled and knowledgeable in our field, which allows us to do the job properly the first time. Our hard work and diligence lead to a better community, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the folks in Glen Allen! We have the green eye for your lawn!

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