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What is included in our lawn care services?

Lawn care comes with an overview of what your lawn needs and what it’s lacking These services get your lawn to a healthy place and help keep it there Lawn care schedules can shift over time as needs for your landscape changes
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Services

Why should I choose Mitchell’s Lawn Care service?

We believe in having core values that separate our company from the rest:

  • We do what we do to better our community
  • We put quality work at the top of our priority list
  • Every detail matters, no matter what the job is
  • You’ll be impressed with the level of customer service we offer
  • We enjoy making our community more beautiful with each project

What are the benefits of proper lawn care?

Your soil will be healthier for plant growth

Healthy growth starts with the soil – it doesn’t matter where you live; it’s crucial to ensure you’re taking care of your soil. One of the most damaging issues your lawn will face is soil compaction. If your soil becomes compacted, it won’t allow root growth or nutrients to get into the soil to help the grass grow. Aeration is the best way to get your soil back into shape!

You’ll notice an increase in grass growth

Your grass should grow at a steady pace, maintaining a lush carpet of green across your lawn. If you notice the grass growth has slowed down or stopped growing, it’s time to take action. Overseeding your lawn is the number one way to boost grass growth if you’re having this problem. The grass seeds will germinate and start growing, filling in barren spots and giving you that carpet of green you want!

Your grass will develop a resistance to disease

Many types of lawn diseases can kill our lawn – cold weather or warm, it’s always a very real possibility. However, the healthier the grass, the less likely these diseases will take hold. If your soil is healthy and your grass is growing thicker, it will be harder for diseases to spread and easier for you to help fight them. If you’re looking for ways to protect your landscape, this is the way to do it!

What are some other services that can tie into lawn care?

Lawn maintenance, seasonal cleanups, and mulch can all help your lawn care be more impactful!

Lawn care isn’t enough to keep your landscape in great condition – it takes a lot of hard work! To make a difference, many other jobs must be done for lawn care.
  • Lawn Maintenance: this process trims up every area of your lawn to keep it from becoming overgrown and growing healthy.
  • Seasonal Cleanups: these cleanups are essential for keeping the grass healthy and less susceptible to developing diseases.
  • Mulch: It may not seem like mulch can make a difference, but it can prevent weeds from spreading and protect your plants.
We pride ourselves on our outstanding lawn care services in Western Henrico, Wyndham, and Tuckahoe, VA! We have the green eye for your lawn!

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