Loveable Lawn Maintenance Provided in Henrico, Wyndham, and Tuckahoe, Virginia

What is included in our lawn maintenance service?

  • Keeping your shrubs trimmed improves the health of these plants.
  • Lovely edging improves the beauty of your lawn and increases the health of the community
  • Mulch encourages the longevity of your plants
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service
Mitchell’s Seasonal Cleanups Service

Why choose Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service?

Mitchell’s is a valuable company that values each client and their individual needs.

  • Professionalism is, above all else, our most essential value
  • The quality of our lawn maintenance is unbeatable
  • Our communication is top-notch, and each client is updated frequently
  • The leadership in our team is strong and reliable
  • Honest, hard work is its reward when our clients are satisfied

How Does Lawn Maintenance Benefit Your Lawn?

Maintaining your lawn improves the health and longevity of your landscape. Over time, plants die, get taken over by weeds, or get cluttered by leaves. Get the gunk out and give your lawn a fresh start!

Cut the Deadweight

When your shrubs are looking unruly and uneven, it’s time to trim them up a bit. Of course, the best time to trim your flowering shrubs is after they have bloomed so the buds don’t get snipped off. Mitchell’s is the best team to call in when it’s time to get your shrubs in shape; our quality is unmatched!

Shrubs don’t have to look boring either. Mitchell’s is fantastic in providing services for our clients. Our hard work shows off most in the details of each project.

Improve Nutrient Intake

Rain and wind wash away topsoil, the nutrient powerhouse for your plants. Mitchell’s lays the best mulch in town for each of our amazing clients. Mulch covers the soil so it stays in place and stores plenty of water for the root systems.

Mulch gives your lawn an added resource to withstand the harsh seasons and makes your lawn look fantastic simultaneously. Your curb appeal will skyrocket!

Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service

Promote the Green Stuff

Green lawns are happy lawns. Plants are strong on their own, but weeds steal resources from your plants and suffocate them. Mitchell’s ensures your lawn’s overall health and wellbeing with exceptional skill!

What are some other services that tie into lawn maintenance?

Seasonal cleanups, lawn care, aeration, and overseeding enhance your lawn.

Seasonal cleanups, aeration, and overseeding are done at specific times of the year, but they are vital for making your lawn breathtaking. Lawn care enhances the strength of the plants in charge of bringing the landscape together!

  • Seasonal cleanups – cleaning up after each season allows your lawn the time to heal and blossom during the times your plants need to bloom.
  • Lawn care – your landscape is an investment, and caring for it adds to your investment and increases its longevity.
  • Aeration and overseeding – these processes revitalize your grass, bringing out the bright green in the strong blades of grass.

Loveable lawn maintenance is provided to you from Mitchell’s Lawn Care Services in Henrico, Wyndham, and Tuckahoe, Virginia.

We have the green eye for your lawn.

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