Loveable Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Mechanicsville, Virginia, is known for being a college town. Virginia Commonwealth University, J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College, and the University of Richmond. Throughout her rich history, Mechanicsville has adopted higher education as a great aspect of our little town.

In its earliest history, the folks who founded Mechanicsville couldn’t help but note the amount of hardworking, mechanically-minded folk who chose this spot to call home: thus, Mechanicsville was born. With so much more history to explore, our small community never lacks in providing things to do!

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What Does Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service Offer Mechanicsville?

Lawn Care

Lawn care is vital for the health of your lawn. Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service works hard to keep your grass strong and thriving. When you know what type of grass you have, you are less likely to use the wrong treatments to keep it alive and strong. Unfortunately, the wrong applications can be more deadly than a slight chemical imbalance.

Repairing damage from flooding and unbalanced soil requires dedication and hard work. Your lawn is sturdy and can handle a lot, but sometimes it doesn’t fully bounce back, but getting it the help it needs is more than enough. Mitchell’s is here for you when your lawn needs an extra hand.

Lawn Maintenance

Blowing excess grass trimmings and leaves off your walkways, driveways, and patios is important to prevent slipping hazards. Mitchell’s is your friendly lawn maintenance team that handles blowing for you. In addition, removing leaves prevents mold from growing and attracting pests to your lawn.

Edging enhances your lawn features. Trees and shrubs are provided with little barriers that keep mulch in place. Edging acts as a wall for grass to stop and flower beds to begin, so everything stays in its designated spot, increasing your curb appeal.


Landscaping is vital for the health of the environment and your home. However, you should still collaborate with Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service to implement your favorite design elements. Designs act as blueprints when you are ready for installations.

Working with your landscape team throughout the landscaping process will allow you to plan what your lawn furniture, sitting areas, and walkways will look like and where they will be placed. Likewise, placing your flower beds is important to plan out to see how big they can be built without crowding your yard.

Seasonal Cleanups

Services offered seasonally are meant for cleaning up after each season. Leaf clean-up is essential to get the weight off your lawn and flower beds. Leaves that are left start to rot and attract bugs and pests.

Your grass is also important to take care of after a harsh season. Having snow, ice, leaves, and fallen twigs or branches is all added weight to your lawn that crushes your grass. Mitchell’s is a team dedicated to improving your lawn, making it clutter-free and beautiful again.

Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service provides Mechanicsville loveable lawn maintenance and landscaping. Mitchell’s sets itself apart in the level of quality, communication, and care we provide our communities. We take pride in our dedication to Mechanicsville and the surrounding area.

We have the green eye for your lawn.


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