Super Seasonal Cleanups in Henrico, Wyndham, and Tuckahoe, Virginia

What is included in seasonal cleanups?

  • Relieving your flower beds of unwanted leaves
  • Heal your lawn after a harsh winter
  • Rid branches and twigs from your lawn
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service
Mitchell’s Seasonal Cleanups Service

Why choose Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service?

We are a strong team with values. Each of our values holds us accountable for making your lawn outstanding.

  • Professionalism is, above all else, the most valuable
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Communication keeps everyone on the same page and clear of confusion
  • Quality services keep our team exceptional
  • The love of our community keeps us motivated to do our best!

How Does Seasonal Cleanups Improve Your Lawn?

Repairs Your Grass After Harsh Winter

Winters can be pretty harsh on your lawn. Unfortunately, the damage won’t be known until the snow and ice are melted. Snow mold kills your grass and makes it harder for it to grow back. Fortunately, Mitchell’s is a team that you can rely upon. We have the expert knowledge for taking care of lawn diseases and bringing your grass back to its former glory.

Remove Leaves from Your Flower Beds

Leaves that stay on your lawn start to rot, enticing creepy crawlers and other nasty pests. Cleaning the leaves up allows your plants to see the sun much sooner and start collecting nutrients again. Leaves offer many benefits, but staying on your lawn isn’t one. Mitchell’s is the perfect team for you! We ensure every leaf is up off your lawn and ready for the next season. We’ve got your back and your lawn!
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service

A Clean Space is a Healthy Space

Weeds are the bane of every landscape’s existence. We all know they are there; we just try to ignore them until they show their pesky little heads again. Hence, we should do our utmost to make sure their appearance is a thing of the past. Mitchell’s understands how discouraging seeing an unhealthy lawn can be, but that’s why we do everything we can to help boost the immunity system of your landscape. One of our favorite ways we do this is by laying mulch in your flower beds; this suffocates the bad stuff and pushes their seeds further down since they are surface lovers.

What Other Services Do We Offer?

Mulch, Lawn Maintenance, and Lawn Care Improve Seasonal Clean-ups in the Future

Tending to your garden during fall reduces the clean-up you must do to prepare for the next season. Your landscape needs guidance and attention to detail all year long to prevent detrimental damage from occurring.

  • Mulch – Mulch is the secret weapon used to lock in nutrients in your garden while boosting your curb appeal – not to mention providing a nice, warm blankie for the wintertime!
  • Lawn Maintenance – maintaining your lawn is vital for keeping grass short and strong, your shrubs looking neat with proper trimming, and more to enhance the health of your lawn.
  • Lawn Care – Caring for your lawn helps keeps weeds at bay so you can enjoy your grass without worrying about intruders. Processes like aeration and overseeding unlock your landscape’s full potential.

Mitchell’s Lawn Care Services provides super seasonal clean-ups for Henrico, Wyndham, and Tuckahoe, Virginia.

We have the green eye for your lawn.

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