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The area of Short Pump resides in Henrico County and is classified as a suburb of Richmond. Its town center is a bustling, thriving area filled with fantastic shopping, dining, and fun things to do with the family. The weather is beautiful, particularly in May and September; it’s a fine area to visit. However, we know the real lucky ones are the residents who call this place home. Its history may be quirky, but we’re happy to serve all who live here! Short Pump started from humble beginnings when a Revolutionary War veteran built a tavern along what was then called Three Notched Trail in 1815. This trail was the main route between Richmond and Charlottesville, and as it grew in popularity, it expanded. The name came from a short-handled water pump used for stagecoach horses beneath the porch, becoming ‘the’ meeting spot for many. It has since evolved to become the place you know and love today.
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What does Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service do for my property?

Lawn Maintenance

It takes more than a simple mow job every week or so to keep your lawn in good shape and looking how it should. A full lawn maintenance routine is needed to make a big difference in your landscape. Lawn maintenance includes edging, mowing, trimming bushes and small trees, and other jobs that prevent it from becoming overgrown. This process also makes your lawn healthier by allowing every part an equal chance to get the sunlight and water they need to survive!

Lawn Care

It’s easy to get wrapped up in lawn maintenance and assume that’s all your lawn needs from you. This mindset is especially common if your lawn appears healthy just by looking at it. Lawn care routines like aeration and overseeding can save your soil from compaction and allow the grass to grow as it should. They may not be done often, but your lawn needs it to thrive and last!

Landscape installation

Changing your home in any way, inside or out, can be overwhelming if you’re just starting – but it doesn’t have to be. Proper planning ahead of time can set you up for success down the line. Landscaping around your home is a great way to boost its curb appeal and give you a sense of pride in your home. Plant installations, mulch applications, and other forms of landscaping can instantly upgrade your property and be made to fit your style!

Seasonal Cleanups

Leaves and sticks will fall onto your grass, and plants and flowers will start wilting over time; eventually, all of that will need to be cleaned up and removed. Cleaning up your lawn should be done as often as needed; however, there are certain seasons that this becomes more necessary. Fall is a prominent time this service is done, and it should be done thoroughly!
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service offers alluring lawn care, lawn maintenance, and landscaping in Short Pump, Virginia. Our team comprises experienced professionals who handle every job uniquely and share core values that set our company apart. Our services will make our community beautiful and make you proud of your home! We have the green eye for your lawn!

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