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Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service LLC services Western Henrico, Tuckahoe, and Wyndham residents. Offering our residents amazing services such as lawn care and lawn maintenance drives us to provide the best quality services in town. We make our community more beautiful, one lawn at a time.

We are here to give back to our outstanding community by utilizing our well-honed skills – through the amazing services provided by our team. Mitchell’s is a strong and reliable team that gives each client the best of the best.

Each of our services is completed with the best quality. For example, we ensure each flower bed is freshly laid with mulch and stands tall and proud. In addition, every lawn is freshly groomed so it can stay clear of weeds.

Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service
The clients’ landscape we provide our services for does more than just make them look amazing; The home value of our homes will skyrocket. Each well-cared-for lawn will improve the health of the land around it, making the home offer the best health and aesthetics.

Curb appeal is a huge bonus for our clients. Neighbors will see your lawn – and NEED a makeover for their own property. The ripple will cascade through every neighborhood – until we make the whole community look fantastic.

Mitchell’s is a trustworthy company that has your best interest at heart. We are very communicative about how our services work and what we offer. When our clients tell us something, we listen as closely and carefully as possible.

Each job we take on we treat with superb detail, and each service needs to get done efficiently and correctly. We are a team that thrives on our integrity and honesty. Every client is valued, and each deserves the most beautiful lawn we can create.

Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service has the green eye for your lawn. It’s our mission to create a masterpiece for you to enjoy year after year.

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Tell Us More About The Owner

Brett Mitchell, Owner

Brett Mitchell is an animal lover, and his dog, Max, is revered for the family member he is. He spends his free time throwing the ball in the backyard and taking Max for long walks around the neighborhood. Brett and Max make a fine duo.

Brett keeps up with current events to keep his knowledge of the world – a well-oiled machine. Knowing what’s going on in your community is crucial for staying educated. It’s ever-changing and constantly growing. He’s a very intelligent and patient man who is an excellent business owner.

Brett is a huge music fan when he’s not mowing lawns and managing his business. Outside of the outside, he can be found at music festivals, having fun and rocking out! With the help of music, stress can be relieved, and worries can be swept away so that tomorrow can be better than today.

Brett makes sure his team gives back to the communities in huge ways. Giving back to the environment is important, improving water, soil, and air quality. The best way to provide is to give each project the most attention to detail and go the extra.

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