Lush Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance in Wyndham, Virginia

Wyndham, Virginia, is home to many a hotel and resorts. There are various places to stay, from the most luxurious to the family-friendly. No matter where you stay, you will be greeted with the utmost hospitality. Wyndham offers many water activities. Go dolphin and whale watching, take a surfing class, or walk along the boardwalk and catch a glance at King Neptune. Indoor skydiving also sounds like fun, or try your hand at horseback riding, and afterward, grab a bite to eat at Tarnished Truth Distilling Co.

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What Does Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service Offer Wyndham?

Lawn Care

When grass isn’t living up to its full potential, Mitchell steps in and aerates the lawn, poking holes in the soil to allow fresh air, nutrients, and water into the soil for a couple of weeks. Then, when the soil is nice and nutritious, we come back and overseed the lawn, setting the foundation for a gorgeous space. Within a couple of weeks, your lawn starts to look lush and green, just like you remember. Flower beds that are a little droopy might do well with some hardy mulch. Mitchell’s is here for all your lawn care needs!

Lawn Maintenance

When your grass is taken care of, we can start focusing on keeping it neat and the right length. Mowing is the key to keeping your grass green and healthy. We make sure to mow each lawn regularly and follow all safety procedures for ourselves and your grass. For lawns that have edging, it’s best to trim around the edges so the lines of the landscape are preserved. Trimming shrubs is also important for keeping their shapes. It’s fun to create new designs with shrubs as well. Finally, trimming trees keeps them healthy and strong; eliminating disease will also prevent it from spreading to more trees.


For some lawns, aeration and overseeding aren’t enough; for others, it is not an option. You can then partner your lawn care with landscaping to make the whole picture shine bright. Keeping your flowerbeds glowing and robust with colorful buds, your shrubbery trimmed with precision, and your mulch matching the aesthetic you are going for are keys to your landscaping kingdom.

Seasonal Cleanups

Mitchell’s is the team for you when dealing with pests and preventing them from returning. Pests attack your lawn’s grass blades, stems, and leaves. You can fight back with a seasonal cleanup service by the strongest team at your side. After snow and ice melt, your lawn can take a serious hit. Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service can help bring your grass back to life and look better than ever.
Mitchell’s Lawn Care Service provides Wyndham lush lawn care and lawn maintenance. Mitchell’s is unlike any other team because we love and cherish our community. We pride ourselves on the quality work we provide to each of our loyal clients! We have the green eye for your lawn.

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